A beautiful cat with fluffy tail sitting on a pillow

Persephone and I took a trip to her regular vet today and I am excited to announce that she is cured of her Open Pyometra! The vet took a look with the ultrasound machine and there was only a teeny, tiny bit of fluid left in one spot of her uterus. This will be eliminated by the remainder of the Chloramphenicol. After she is finished with the Chloramphenicol, she will switch to Clavamox like I mentioned in the previous post. This is definitely a huge accomplishment as it is my first time treating Pyometra. I am so grateful it was a success as I know she will be a wonderful breeding cat and mother. I will breed her as soon as her next heat rolls around in about two weeks. This means she is likely to have kittens due sometime in late September or early October.