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Maine Coon Kittens near Houston, TX

Raising Maine Coons Near Houston, Texas

Our family has always had a love for animals. The children in the home have grown up riding horses at their Great Aunt and Uncle's ranch near Houston, Texas. We have taken care of guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, and a turtle over the years. After owning our first Maine Coon many years ago, we fell absolutely in love with this breed. They truly are gentle giants. We started to attend cat shows, researching online, and taking courses to learn as much as we could about the ins and outs of becoming breeders of this majestic animal. We found out quickly that breeding the right way is not as easy as one may think. After careful consideration, we began taking the necessary steps to learn how to be the most professional, responsible, and ethical Maine Coon breeders before bringing our first Kings and Queens home. Once we had our philosophy, mission, and goals in place, Mythic Maine Coons was born. Our philosophy and mission is to breed the healthiest, happiest, closest to breed standard kittens we possibly can. This is why it is our goal to show all of our Kings and Queens at TICA cat shows to be assured that our cats are up to the breed standard. This is also why we have extensive health testing completed on all of our Kings and Queens and offer a 2-Year Health Guarantee. We stand behind our kittens. We have now optimized our home and dedicated our lives to the furthering and betterment of this special breed. We strive to be the best Maine Coon Breeders we can be, serving Houston, Texas as well as the entire USA.