Kitten Reservation Form

For those who do not want to join the Waitlist but would like to move directly to reserving an available kitten, you will need to fill out a Reservation Form below. The deposit to reserve a kitten is $1,000. This amount will go toward the total price of your kitten. If you are adopting more than one kitten, you will pay a deposit for each kitten. We accept payment via Zelle or PayPal.

When selecting your kitten, if you are picking up in person, make sure you will be able to pick up your kitten either the day listed for them as the "Go Home Date" or the following day. If you have chosen to have your kitten delivered personally by us via in-cabin flight, a separate date may need to be scheduled pending ticket costs and our schedule.

We do not hold reserved kittens past their scheduled Go Home Date. If you fail to arrive or cancel your scheduled pickup, your reservation and deposit will be forfeit. 



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