Kitten Pricing Information

What is included with your Maine Coon kitten: Our kitten price range is $3,500-$7,000 depending on the Gender, Size, Color, and Parents' Championship Status.

  • A healthy, happy, socialized, well-balanced, beautiful, big Maine Coon kitten from Mythic Maine Coons

  • Communication while your kitten is here, making the wait feel shorter

  • Two-Year Genetic Health Replacement Guarantee 

  • A 3 generation TICA pedigree for your Maine Coon kitten

  • Registration papers for The International Cat Association (TICA)

  • Veterinary care and routine preventative treatments from birth until your kitten comes home with you

  • 2 sets of FVRCP Vaccines

  • Rabies vaccination (At 12 Weeks)

  • Health and medical records for your kitten

  • FIV and FeLV Testing

  • Spay/neuter of your Maine Coon kitten

  • Microchipping (Free Lifetime Registration)

  • Nail trim, ear cleaning, and show-worthy bath and blow dry before pick-up

  • A kitten package that includes supplies to help with the transition to their new home

  • A Royal Canin Kitten Food Starter Kit for easy transition

  • A Custom Embroidered Pet Carrier With The Mythic Maine Coons Logo

  • Natural and professional-style photos sent directly to you through text, Instagram, or Facebook message

  • Photo and Video Updates

  • Scheduled FaceTime Appointments Upon Request

  • Lifetime support for you and your kitten from us. Anytime. About anything.

  • Personal (In Cabin) Delivery of your kitten to the airport of your choice by the breeder (Melody or Nicole) if needed for pick-up. 

  • Zero Waiting Period Trupanion Insurance (Monthly Fee)

*Specific items in your kit may differ from those pictured.*


Color Female Male
Solid Black$3,500-$4,500$4,500-5,500
Solid Blue$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Solid Red$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Solid Creme$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Black Tortie$3,500-$4,500N/A
Blue Tortie$3,500-$4,500N/A
Brown Tabby$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Blue Tabby$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Red Tabby$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Creme Tabby$3,500-$4,500$4,500-$5,500
Brown Tortie Tabby$3,500-$4,500N/A
Blue Tortie Tabby$3,500-$4,500N/A
Black Silver Tabby$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Blue Silver Tabby$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Red Silver Tabby$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Creme Silver Tabby$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Black Silver Tortie Tabby$4,000-$5,000N/A
Blue Silver Tortie Tabby$4,000-$5,000N/A
Black Smoke$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Blue Smoke$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Red Smoke$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Creme Smoke$4,000-$5,000$5,000-$6,000
Black Tortie Smoke$4,000-$5,000N/A
Blue Tortie Smoke$4,000-$5,000N/A
Shaded & Chinchilla (Shell)$5,000-$6,000$6,000-$7,000

Additional Information

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Queen Nyx



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Mythic Maine Coons

Retired Queen Athena




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Pictures Coming Soon!

Mythic Maine Coons

King Hades



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Queen Artemis

Litter N Kitten

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Queen Harmonia

Litter N Kitten


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Pictures Coming Soon!

Queen Khione

Additional Information

KITTEN DELIVERY ~From Our Hands to Yours~

Can't travel? That's okay. We believe at Mythic Maine Coons that the best delivery option for you and your kitten is for us as the breeders to personally deliver your kitten to you. If you choose to have your kitten delivered, either Melody or Nicole will fly your kitten, in cabin, to the airport of your choice. As your breeder/flight nanny, we will monitor and comfort your kitten the whole way. You will also receive several updates throughout the day for your piece of mind. You can have confidence that your kitten will arrive having had the best travel experience possible and come directly from our hands to yours. If you choose this delivery option, you will simply cover the cost of the ticket plus a $300 fee for our time.

airplane first actual


Birth - 3 weeks


When Maine Coon kittens are born they can barely move. Their eyes are shut and they are completely dependent on their mother. At around 5 days old, they will begin to open their eyes. This is also the time when they start to gain between 10g to 30g each day.

Litter D: 1 Week

4 - 8 weeks


By this time, their sense of smell is fully mature, and hearing is well-developed. Maine Coon kittens begin to depend less on their mother for milk and start to eat wet and dry food on their own. They develop adult sleeping patterns, motor abilities, and social interaction. Key social skills develop through interaction with litter-mates and their mother.


2 - 4 months


At this stage, Maine Coon kittens begin to understand their position within the household and may start to form a number of social behaviors depending on their experiences and training, i.e., socialization. During this time, it is extremely important to practice grooming, bathing, nail clipping, handling, and anything else they need to be accustomed to in their adult lives.


4 months +


Your Maine Coon kitten will begin to develop 30 adult teeth. While in most breeds, the kitten will have reached 80% of their adult weight at this stage, the growth period is different for Maine Coon kittens. They do not reach their full weight until about 3 years. After which, they continue to fill out in muscle and coat for about another 2 years. This equals a growth period of about 4-5 years.

Mythic Maine Coons


Socialization should start as early as possible to avoid any unwanted behaviors and help them develop into confident, even-tempered adult Maine Coon cats. While kittens are often seen to be independent, it’s important to guide their behavior early on in life, set simple rules, and encourage sociable habits.

In the first few weeks of your Maine Coon kitten’s life, everything is new. Effective socialization helps them to understand new surroundings and approach different people, places, and situations without fear. It also helps them to form healthy behaviors that will impact the rest of their lives. Socialization is a core developmental stage, and without it, your Maine Coon kitten will struggle. Effective socialization helps them (and you) in a number of ways:

  • Removes the fear and nervousness of new experiences

  • Makes them feel at home in their new surroundings

  • Helps them to get used to other people, animals, and places

  • Teaches them which behaviors are right and wrong

  • Keeps them more curious and inquisitive in adult life